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A truly beautiful peice of music and dance.


Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb

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this song literally saved my life while i was going through alot of bad things. it made me feel less alone and Pink Floyd kept me going. The film ‘The Wall’ is an incredible peice of work that inspired me to consider taking film and video in the first place.

This band mean a lot to any young alternative person, they are one of the first bands that many people of my style listen to so they always hold a nostalgic place in my heart. this song in particular was my song for drowning out the world and the video for it is brilliant becaus eit tells a story that is not only outragious but can also be related to in a way that catches the attention of the young alternative mind.

Storyboards are visual organizers, typically a series of illustrations displayed in sequence.

Usualy sketched in a comic book style. They show a storyline and how a scene or movie would be shot and gives a more visual idea of what actually happens than, say, just a script would.

The Walt Disney Studio was the first to develope the idea of storyboarding in the early 1930’s. Webb Smith, an animator at Disney, began drawing scenes on separate sheets of paper and pinning them up on a board to show a story in sequence, creating the first storyboard. The first proper storyboards were created for the 1933 Disney short cartoon, Three Little Pigs. The storyboards illustrated concepts for animated cartoon short subjects such as Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willie. StoryBoarding became an essential planning process in the Disney organisation even going as far as using storyboarding to plan DisneyWorld.

Steamboat Willie Storyboard (above)

Storyboards are incredibly useful to any film or cartoon maker as they are a clear, visual and focused way of showing ideas, reducing the need for unfocused and confusing mindmaps and rough notes. Storyboarding gives a clear idea of what one is hoping to acheive but it is also a good startingplace on which to build. They give the director or writter ect a clear idea of what needs to be done, what shots to do and how to do them. Also they are usually made up of clear images which could be used to show a general idea of what the general end feature would look like so it would be easier to pitch to a board of shareholders or possible patrons and sponcors.

This is a Band called Versailles. They are Japanese and are all male although they dress as women. All used to play as classical musicians and the lead singer used to be an opera singer but now play metal. They are completely dedicated to the art of their music and as for the lead guitarist, Hizaki, there is some doubt as to whether he actually is….well….a ‘he’. They wrote there music wanting to not only create good metal but also to create beauty and grace. Although they have certain similarities to Iron maiden in their style of guitar solos ect, there is still a sense of the Japanese style beauty and grace to their music.

The video itself is also very much conveying japanese beauty and grace although the style of building it is filmed in is of a western style. This can be explained by the theme of aristocrasy that this particular album is based on. The film is dark but less depressing than melancholy but the shots of the whole band playing on a dark background convey a sense of mystery and power.

First assignment

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Mark (Mr Wilson) has asked us to do a photostory project.

Basically I need to do a sketched storyboard plus mindmap plus notes then finish with a PhotoStory. I’m going to do one on domestic abuse and broken homes. GET THIS DONE ZEE!!!

My Film and Video stuff!!!

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My Name is Daisy (Zee) Kirby and I am studying Film and Video at Exeter College.

So this blog will be made up of Film and Video thingys!!!