Big City.Street…

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Big City.

Street. Deserted. Night time.

Four of the Six streetlights not working.

Two figures, hundred yards apart. Both walking in the same direction.

First figure stops in the light of a streetlight. It’s a woman. Tall, slim, long black hair and big green eyes. She is very beautiful. A sense of danger surrounds her.

Second figure continues walking towards her. A small man. Nervous, teeth chattering, eyes flicking to the sky then to the end of the street then to the woman then back to the sky. He is nervously tugging at the sleeve of his coat.

He reaches the woman, stopping three or four metres away.


Nero (man): I didn’t want to meet here. It’s too exposed-

Lynnet (woman): (interrupting him) Were you followed?

Nero: No…I was very careful…Please…Can we move under cover?


The two move to an alley that runs away from the main street, both are now in shadow with a strip of light falling on both their faces.

Camera flicks between close-ups of their faces.

Long Pause.


Lynnet: You look ill. Too many late nights? (She laughs derisively)


Nero smiles nervously, now we are closer we his skin is pale and sweaty.


Lynnet: I have something to tell you… it may come as a surprise (long pause) Marco is dead.


Nero gasps and his hands fly to his mouth, tears spring to his eyes.


Nero: But…But…he was one of the best hunters we had…


Lynnet takes a cigarette from a silver case, puts it to her lips and lights it with a silver lighter. She takes a long drag and stares into the distance, lost in bitter thoughts.


Lynnet: This war is stupid, so many good people dead. Brave people. Frasier, Jessica, Zack and now Marco too. Once we fought with pride and passion against the constitution, now we hide in our secret houses and our isolated rebel cells, forced to move in the dark like rats in the gutter.


Somewhere in the near distance a siren starts to blear, both move further into the shadow.

A long silence.


Nero: I’m leaving…They’ve offered me a way out. New home. New identity. I can get away from all of this. Leave the bloodshed behind-


Lynnet springs at him, pinning him to the wall by the throat.


Lynnet: (hissing the word) Traitor!!

Nero: (now sobbing openly, words babbled incoherently) It’s not my fault. I’m not like you or Marco. I’m no good at this. ANY of this! I wasn’t raised to fight a revolution! Before the war I ran an ice-cream parlour for fuck sake! I just want to live somewhere safe, somewhere where I can forget the things I’ve seen! You can’t win! They are too powerful! They are everywhere! And even if you do win, I won’t be safe! I’ll always be hunted! I want to disappear! They can make that happen. The government, they can hide me. Grant me immunity so I won’t have to watch my back my whole life-

Lynnet: (interrupting) And what do they ask in return? Information? They want our names, the locations of our secret houses! And you’ll give it to them! You’ll hand us over without a backwards glance and destroy everything we’ve achieved just so you can live your safe little life! You will make it so Marco and the others died for NOTHING!

(the last words she hisses with such venom that Nero flinches and begins to shake uncontrollably)


The siren is suddenly in their street. Lynnet gazes towards the end of the alley before looking back to Nero. For a long moment she stares deep into his eyes and he is trapped in her gaze like a rabbit in headlights, shaking and sobbing. Suddenly she releases him and steps back, looking towards the siren again. He crumples to the floor, shivering and staring at her with big terrified eyes. She glances at him then begins striding down the alley, away from the siren towards the dead end. Quickly she glances back.

Lynnet: Next time we meet, I will kill you.

With that she begins to run, scaling the wall with apparent ease and disappears over the rooftops leaving Nero alone and broken…


This is my Beginning of a screenplay. Not very good but it is my first attempt.


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